More Snow!

Our slogan at The Ski Renter is “Think Snow!” Well, we thought snow, and snow we got! 

We have been tracking snowfall at Squaw Valley daily for the past thirteen years. (Hey, that’s what we do. It’s our business!) As of this writing, the base at Squaw is 138”, with 243” up on top.

In the snow report below you’ll see the conditions of other resorts in the area:

It’s been more snow on top of more snow this season. Total cumulative snowfall to date is 462”, which is the most we have had in over ten years. Temperatures have been a little warmer, so the snow has been wet, but now temperatures are dropping.

We may get a few inches of snow over the weekend, but then there should be a break in the storms for an extended period of time. Lots of snow on the ground, clear skies, colder temperatures, and consequently, better skiing and boarding!

So enjoy, be safe, and even though we have lots of it,

Think Snow!


George Denise
Owner, The Ski Renter