Ski Season Is Rapidly Approaching!

Cupertino – It’s November. We’ve already seen snow in the Sierra Nevada. The temperature has dropped. And we’re been busy getting The Ski Renter ready for another season. Ski season is almost here!

After two consecutive seasons of low snowfall, the predictions are looking up for this year. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting above normal snowfall and below normal temperatures. So are several other sources of weather information.

To be sure, they don’t all agree, and while science is applied in predicting the weather, weather prediction is still more of an art than a science. So we just have to wait and see. Regardless, the ski season is almost on us and snow is on the way!

This will be our sixth season as the new owners of The Ski Renter. As business owners, our philosophy is one of continuous improvement. Each year, we try to look at what worked well, and what we could have done better, and then make the changes necessary to make it better. Last year, in spite of the less than average snow conditions, we had one of our best seasons on record, we think in part because of the improvements we made. Besides improving the flow in the store last season, one other big change was adding an advance reservations system. Season leasing also helped. We added more new equipment, wait times were down, and actual time in the store for rental customers was down.
This year, we are replacing another third of our equipment, including more X-Country equipment, we are adding a third fitting station, and we are adding a second cash register to speed up check-out.

We have also been “greening” our store. We are operating as sustainably as possible, and will soon be certified as a green business. We think it is important that we reduce waste, operate efficiently, and manage in a way that protects and preserves the natural environment for future generations.

Let us know your thoughts. It’s you, our customer, we are trying to accommodate. We want shopping in our store to be as awesome an experience for you as possible. Email me at: And plan to join us for another great season.

Think snow!

George Denise