The Ski Renters is Officially Certified as a Green Business

We are excited to share that The Ski Renter has been officially certified as a Green Business by the City of Cupertino and Santa Clara County.  The Green Business program, or GreenBiz was developed through the Association of Bay Area Governments and is administered through local counties and cities.  The program reviews all of a business’s operations, including energy use, water management, waste management, purchasing and other environmentally related activities and certifies businesses that meet minimum criteria in each of these areas.  You can find out more information about GreenBiz at  The Ski Renter is proud to be a green business.  We believe that all of us have a responsibility to use our resources responsibly in order to protect and preserve the natural environment and to help ensure that all of us now and future generations can continue to thrive and prosper on a healthy planet. 

“Snow news is good news” are great words to live by, and there is always some news that is good, but right now it is hard to tell if the snow glass is half full, or half empty!  On the one hand, we are now in our third year of drought, and there are still at least two weeks of dry conditions ahead.  A high pressure ridge along the West Coast is forcing the jet stream north, taking all of what rightfully should be our snow to the upper Midwest.  There is some indication that this ridge may finally be starting to move out of the way, however.  January is usually a fairly light month and we have seen some record snow falls in February and March in the past.  All we can do right now is wait and see.

The other good news, however, is how far manmade snow has progressed in recent years.  For many resorts, coverage isn’t all that bad and many if not most of their runs are open and look pretty good!

Heavenly is leading the way with 31” to 39” of base.  Check them out on their web cam at

Boreal is next with 30” to 34” of base over most of their hill.  You can check the coverage on their hill at

Diamond Peak is reporting 20” to 30” of base. Check out their cam here:

Next is Sugar Bowl with 16” to 30”, Northstar with 18”, Squaw Valley with 17” to 20”, and Kirkwood with 21”.  These are just a sampling of what’s out there.  You can check them all out on our website, or go to  So there is snow, and Spring skiing conditions to boot.  And with just a hint of better conditions coming.  Maybe.

But as always, Think Snow! (And conserve water.)